As Stephen King wrote in one of his novels “everything old is new again”. Our mission is to create universal clothing, the functionality and quality of which will be appreciated by our clients. This resolution prompted us to look at the history of military clothing for inspiration. We looked at the most classic designs of field clothing of the 20th century and designed them anew, combining their best features, style and functionality with the possibilities offered by modern materials and technical fabrics. The 2019 DURABO® collection grants you a classic retro look combined with improved ergonomics, functionality and, thanks to the use of Cordura® fibres in our fabrics, great durability.



DURABO® is a commercial brand of the Kreator company; a family business with over 33 years of history in production of military uniforms. Our company is located in the beautiful Gothic city of Toruń. It is no coincidence that all the symbols of the DURABO® brand – the Salamander and the name itself are closely related to the history of Toruń. Our project was launched in 2018, and the 2019 season is the brand’s first collection.


Cordura is a trade name for fabrics characterized by high abrasion resistance. This feature was obtained thanks to the use of a special structure of fibres and their weaving methods. Currently, Cordura® is widely used in the production of combat uniforms and suits, hiking, expedition and cycling backpacks, as well as shoes and clothing for motorcyclists. This fabric boasts high resistance to weather conditions and, thanks to its internal structure, is very light. These properties fit perfectly into the brand’s philosophy, which is why the DURABO® 2019 collection is based primarily on Cordura® fabrics. Now your new jeans, flannel shirt, jacket or tactical pants will be able to meet the daily challenges of the urban “battlefield”.